A smart transport management system for your school fleet

Manage trips and provide real time tracking for everyone


Instant communication and unlimited notifications

Notify parents, administrators and drivers in real time. Tyootr track is an all in one smart transport management system which helps administrators to manage and optimize trips. Tyootr driver app is enabled to manage attendance and provide real time updates and visual tracking to parents

Integrated attendance

Dedicated tyootr driver app enables drivers to mark student attendance during on-boarding. The student attendance is integrated with school registry thus notifying teachers, administrators and parents in real time

Optimize trips with useful reports

Insightful reports helps administrators to optimize trips based on student attendance, real time traffic updates, distance and trip duration

What makes tyootr track unique

No hardware installations

No maintenance

Real time data

Integrated attendance

A minute to set up. A lifetime of insights.

You can set up tyootr track and start managing your fleet in minutes. Seamlessly integrates with tyootr edOS and its free forever