Course Content

Course content is the integral part of your online course. Your content will define how good your course is and will garner positive reviews from the students.

A great and interactive content is a quick grab in Tyootr, which means your courses are more likely to be purchased from the students. To make the learning experience more fun, Tyootr has multiple learning tools a student can choose to learn from. Your content is optimized for mobile, tab, web and smart TVs.

Knowledge areas – Knowledge areas are the course chapters. You can add multiple knowledge areas for a course. This will help students identify the topics taught in your course and differentiate them in segments.

Videos – Videos are the primary learning tool of your online course. Students are likely to spend more time going through the videos for learning, so creating a great course video will help them understand the concepts better. You can add relevant videos under each knowledge areas.

Study Guides - Study Guides are the readable version of your course. You can add important points, definitions, diagrams, etc which will supplement and complement your video content.

Podcasts – Podcasts help students understand the nuances of academic insights through crystal clear audio tutorials.

Case Study – Use case studies to help students understand their learning. Case studies and real life examples are the best way to teach and help students implement the concept they learn.

Glossary – Learning terms, concepts and definitions are made more interactive.

Crosswords – Let students evaluate their learning of terms and concepts in an interesting crossword learning tool.

Chapter tests – You can add individual chapter questions/ quizzes to evaluate student's understanding of each knowledge area.

Full length tests – Full length tests are timed exams which are the best way to evaluate the overall learning outcome. You can add multiple full length tests per course to provide more value for your course.