Course Marketing

Tyootr promotes your course in various marketing channels to increase more visibility in the market. The ultimate aim is to get more students purchase your course. You can choose to be a part of various marketing campaigns initiated by Tyootr. Many instructors have benefited by being a part of our marketing campaigns and increased the earning. While creating and hosting is completely free in Tyootr, you can also make more revenue by choosing the right marketing channels for your course.

Courses promoted by Instructors

The easiest and fastest way to start generating sales is to promote your courses to your colleagues, friends and your private mailing list. They can be the best endorsers for your course.

Courses Promoted by Tyootr

You can opt into various Tyootr marketing initiatives or choose to discontinue at any time if you are already a part of Tyootr promotions.

Instructor coupons

You can create coupon codes in seconds, which can be shared with potential students for discounts and add-ons. Students can use these codes during purchase check out process and benefit from the offers. There are no limitations as to how you can deploy or use these coupons.

Email campaigns

Tyootr provides insights to students about the right set of courses they might be interested in based on their learning pattern. We also communicate to our students to keep them aware of new and trending courses, domains which are in demand etc., which they can benefit from