Course Pricing

As an instructor, you are allowed to price your course which you feel right to market it. Identifying the correct price for your course is very important and we recommend you to consider metrics such as your course proficiency level, content valuation, market trends before you finalize.

You can decide to provide a free or a paid course in Tyootr. If it’s a paid course, you can price your course anywhere between $10 to $300 based on course proficiency level and content valuation. You can choose to price your course in your domestic currency or pick one from our list. You can change the proficiency level and course price any time and is subjected to review before published.

Discounts for your course

You can run multiple promotions and provide unlimited discount coupons to students to increase sales. However, the volume of discounts is capped in such that discounted course price doesn’t disrupt your potential earnings and market valuation for such courses. You may have to take these metrics into consideration before you price the course.