Creating your course page

Creating your course page is the first step in creating a great online course. Your course page is the course landing page or a web page exclusively created to showcase your course to million users. Each course created in Tyootr will exclusively have its own course page. This helps students search and locate the course they need to purchase easily.

Your course page will have all information regarding your course which will help students to decide if need to purchase. To enable students take easy decision, make sure you enter all required details to create a great looking and informative course page.

Course Title – Course title is the name which will be used to identify the course. It should briefly suggest what the course is about and will be used in search terms. Few examples of course names – “Learn Spanish in 30 days”, “Mathematics for XII Class CBSE Board” etc,.

Short Description - It is a brief and small explanation of your course not exceeding two or three lines. This will help students understand what’s taught in the course.

Long Description - It is an elaborate explanation of the course explaining the main content and its benefits. This section helps the students to decide if the course is suitable for them. This will highlight the main purpose of the course.

Course pre-requisites - Course Pre-requisites explains the basic eligibility criterion required to opt for this course. Especially if the course is followed by a certification exam, there may be requirements to fulfill before appearing for that exam. Those points need to be explained here.

Target audience - Target is the group or set of people for which the course is intended. You can define this depending on the category of the course and content.

Course outcome - It is important for the learner to know how this course will help them and in what way. You can list the benefits and the skills the learner will acquire by the end of this course.

Course Image and Demo video - It is a representational image of your course. It will denote the theme of your course as you decide. Demo Video will give a glimpse of your course to the learner enabling them to decide if the course is what they are looking for.