Instructor page

Instructor page will help student identify who you are. Students always want to learn from the best teachers. This page will help you showcase your skills, achievements, teaching records or history etc. You can also choose to add your social presence so that students can validate your profile.

A brief description about yourself is also posted in the course page for students to quickly identify the instructor of the course. The instructor can be an individual or an organization who owns the course. Instructor page will also come in handy when you send promotional emails, coupons, direct messages to students on announcements for your new course launch or course version upgrades. Students prefer to know what and from whom they are learning.

Profile photo – Adding a profile photo is essential so that students identify you as a legitimate person. We recommend you to use your own photo or your organization photo. Avoid using photos of celebrities, images of cars, etc. Your courses are more likely to be published only when your profile is complete and meets our standards.

Brief description – Briefly write about your experience, domain knowledge etc. Anything students want to know about you.

Social links – Choose to include your social links such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter so that students validate your profile.