Why Partner With Us

Tyootr-A School’s Best Academic Partner

With technology reaching new heights, education and learning has acquired a new dimension offering learners a smart and comfortable experience. Schools are witnessing a new trend in digital tutoring and Tyootr is an enabler of the e-education revolution.

Tyootr is one such e-learning platform that has harnessed the digital wave and has carved a niche in the school education sector for a complete, stress-free learning experience.

Tyootr completes the education lifecycle by catering to learners from the scratch to higher levels. Our diverse learning modules cover a variety of interactive and technology- enabled lessons for the primary sections and high school curriculum.

Tyootr’s Certified School Partner Program enables schools to increase their productivity and manage complex operations with easy scalable solutions, provide digital content for their students through personalized branding, and a common platform where parents, teachers and students come together.

Give your students a platform to succeed

Break away from rote learning and enjoy understanding complex scientific formulae, grammar lessons and a whole new range of study guides from various subjects through Tyootr. By joining hands with Tyootr schools get to access a range of learning benefits that would shape and sky-rocket every student’s future curve.

Access smart lessons

Knowledge at your fingertips through an interactive and dynamic portal packed with study guides, Q&A sessions , learning tips and tricks and much more for the smart student.

Video lessons

High-definition video lessons to understand complex knowledge concepts through interactive diagrams, charts and seamless video tutorials.

Expert teachers

Train with world-class subject experts and get a 360 degree learning experience. Get rid of the fear of learning complicated formulae, equations and difficult concepts through our friendly and qualified instructor.

Audio lessons

Understand the nuances of academic insights through crystal clear audio tutorials. Increase your learning focus by listening to our audio guides for best exam preparation.

Trusted certificate

Our certificate of association with schools vouches for high quality knowledge transfer and learning experience. Tyootr sticks to industry standards and complies to best learning experience with a transparent partnership.