School Management System

School CRM

The school CRM is the common dashboard for students, teachers and the school administration to connect at a single point. The CRM platform is the focal point to display reports of the activities, academic operations carried out with respect to teacher-student interactions and generate necessary reports. The CRM is the single important window which generates all essential data for every school.

Teacher's Portal

Teachers can find the Tyootr portal to be intuitive and easy to manage for their regular interactions with the students. Serving as a common knowledge management system, Tyootr platform enables in the continuous development of the teacher’s best practices.

Here’s how Tyootr benefits the tutor:
  • Individual subjects with validated course pages
  • Collaboration and contribution of presentations
  • Manage students attendance and performance effectively
  • Assign home work and personalized student interaction
  • Evaluate student performance through tests and generate respective reports
  • Forums moderated by subject matter experts
  • Knowledge sharing and essential academic inputs
  • Easy preparation for mentoring sessions with pre-checked courseware
Admin Portal

The admin portal on the Tyootr platform is the centre point for all the essential transactions that take place between the school, teacher and the student.

The admin portal offers several benefits like:
  • Displays the latest announcements pertaining to classes, exams and other important information
  • Vital communication on important announcements are kept up-to-date
  • Addition of subject matter experts, teachers
  • Creating tabs for new subjects
  • Adding different classes and grades based on demand of students
  • Generate reports after scrutinized evaluation
Interschool Community Page

Tyootr offers exclusivity to each school wherein the activities and announcements of each school is pinned on a specific notice board.

The benefits of this bulletin board include:
  • Sharing educational content in the form of photos, videos
  • Student achievements
  • Expert teacher’s tips for exams
  • Career advice
  • Display of meritorious accolades
Student learning front / app

The vision and mission of the Tyootr platform under the school education vertical revolves around the students. Thus the portal ensures that the content offered on its platform is enriching, inspiring and futuristic for aspiring students.

Students can reap excellent benefits like:
  • Access to interesting content in the form of audio and video lessons
  • Breakdown of complex concepts into simpler terms for easy understanding
  • Knowledge pools of different subjects
  • Interaction with the best subject matter experts for easy learning
  • Validated study guides to ace exams effortlessly
  • Practical examples and case studies to break rote learning system